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What Does the Marquesan Cross Tattoo Mean?

The Marquesan Cross is among the most popular types of Polynesian tattoo designs in the world. The design was originally used by the people of the Marquesas islands, a Polynesian island. Although the Marquesans were known to tattoo just about everyone in their culture, their cross was a symbol of …

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10 Tattoos That Scream “On Wisconsin!”

10 Tattoos That Scream -On Wisconsin!-

Tattoos for Wisconsinites: Have you ever wondered what kind of tattoos Wisconsinites get?  Not a whole lot of people know much about Wisconsinites besides their love of beer.  Although they may have the most bars per capita of any state, Wisconsinites have tons more that separates them from the rest …

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A Detailed Review of Tattoo Me Now


Tattoo Me Now Product Review: We all need inspiration in life. Whether it’s to help us reach a goal, to help us get through the day, or to help us find a tattoo design. Tattoo Me Now is a website aimed at helping you find the perfect tattoo design, and …

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